The Intellectual Dark Web

The 'Intellectual Dark Web' is a term coined by Eric Weinstein as a response to the growing coalition of free thinkers who are not afraid to express their nuanced, sometimes controversial opinions amid the cultural chaos of our times. With the upswell of identity politics, post-modern thought, intersectionality and the attack on free speech, he (and others) thought it was time to lay the groundwork for a group that could fight back against the hysteria perpetuated by the mainstream media and the social media mobs to return society to some form of civility and good-faith dialogue.

Since its inception, the group has grown to include academics, YouTube personalities, and even businessmen, all with varying political backgrounds, perspectives, and religious beliefs. Interestingly, the members of the IDW do not lay out their core principles or have a set standard of beliefs that, if adhered to, provide a ticket into the group. Instead, the mixture of viewpoints serve as the framework for rebuilding a society broken down by years of political polarization.

Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web

There are many factors that have lead people to seek refuge in the IDW. In today's world, honest discussions about sex, gender, and race cannot be had without fear of being labeled a 'bigot'.  News cycles are perpetually negative, despite the improvement in the human condition across the world. Social media provides an invisibility cloak under which anyone can cowardly send those they disagree with into a kind of social Purgatory. Calls for diversity and equality of outcome seem backwards and upside down. Political correctness has worn on people as their right to free speech is slowly infringed upon.

The ideas put forth from those in the IDW serve as an oasis for those tired of the madness described above. These viewpoints have finally begun to bravely seep onto the internet and find traction amongst those looking for an alternative. This is where IDW Report steps in...

IDW Report

At IDW Report, our main goal is to capture the mixture of viewpoints presented by those in the movement and provide a 'home' from which the Intellectual Dark Web can grow. Every day, there are productive dialogues taking place and new ideas being presented. It is our mission to give these ideas a home. Furthermore, our goal is to provide our readers with a snapshot of the newsworthy developments in the movement and the controversies that those in the group find themselves in.

With that comes great responsibility. We have no intention of providing our own personal slant or bias to the movement, but instead aim to preserve the honesty and good-naturedness of the ideas being presented. Naturally, there will be posts at odds with one another. There will be posts with which you do not agree. That is the essence of the movement. We will not filter out ideas to just those we believe will be popular or well-received. Instead, we will step out of the way and simply present to you the ideas that those in the group are discussing. Only then, we will be able to see what the Intellectual Dark Web can discover...

“Some say the I.D.W. is dangerous. But the only way you can construe a group of intellectuals talking to each other as dangerous is if you are scared of what they might discover.” - Heather Heying

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